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RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks

RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks are 25 g non-toxic, extruded block baits for monitoring rodent activity in sensitive areas or for use as part of a routine rodent management program.

In the increasingly professional world of rodent management, this is an essential tool for professional pest managers. Particularly since there is ever increasing pressure to minimise the use of second generation anti-coagulant rodenticides (SGAR) in the environment.

In many situations rodenticide is placed, even though there are no active rodents known to be present. It is there for maintenance purposes or ‘just in case’. RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks offer a non-toxic alternative in such situations, allowing professionals to offer a lower risk policy and better protect SGARs for when they are really needed.

The other use for RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks is as a pre-feed. Many studies show the benefits of a rodent management program commencing with a pre-feed program to establish a high degree of comfort for the rodents feeding on your bait source. Only when you detect rodent activity do you replace the non-toxic monitors with the toxic bait.

Made of the same highly attractive food sources used for RODENTHOR Block Bait with brodifacoum, RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks allow feeding to commence before the toxic bait blocks are provided.

They are ideal for monitoring rodent activity in sensitive areas, in food industries, schools, hospitals and in any place where, according to HACCP and IPM (Integrated Pest Management), the use of poisonous baits must be reduced or avoided. It is still always advisable to protect bait points from non-target animals and from water using Ensystex’s RODENTHOR Bait Stations. This will also ensure improved feeding since the Stations provide a safe haven for the rodents.

RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks retain their attractiveness to rats and mice in damp locations and are enriched with highly palatable ingredients for rodents. Thanks to their hole in the middle, they can be fixed in manholes above the water level, while their irregular and sharp-cornered form increases palatability. They can also be easily secured on the rods of bait stations. Once rodent activity is detected, use RODENTHOR Block Bait or RODENTHOR Soft Bait containing brodifacoum to eliminate the infestation.

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