Welcome to Ensystex

Ensystex researches, develops, formulates, manufactures and supplies premium quality, environmentally responsible, urban pest management solutions for use by professional pest managers; and has achieved a high international reputation for these products.

Unlike other companies where urban pest control is a spin-off from more lucrative agricultural business; Ensystex is focussed on the urban pest management market with its uniquely different profile.

Ensystex’s vision is to be the ‘first choice for environmentally responsible, effective, long-term pest management solutions’.

Ensystex is a privately owned company, dedicated to the supply of superior products to professional pest managers. As a research-based international company Ensystex has active ingredient synthesis and product formulation facilities in various countries around the worls, including the USA, Australia, Thailand, China, New Zealand and more. Research facilities are located in North Carolina, USA; and in Australia.

Further evidence of the Ensystex commitment is displayed through the team of dedicated professionals employed around the world. We are there to assist you should problems ever arise.

Ensystex distributes products in all the major pest management markets around the world including USA, Europe, SE Asia, the Pacific region, China, Latin America, southern Africa, Japan and the Gulf Region.

Ensystex has a background of over 80 years in pest management and a global team of dedicated pest management professionals.

Ensystex develops and owns all its own formulations, performs QA and batch analysis checks on all batches of chemicals and guarantees the consistent quality of all materials sold. Ensystex is a true specialist in professional pest management in the urban environment.