Ultrathor_3 L Mock-up_ESA 2023
1Liter TnM Ultrathor ESA 2023



ULTRATHOR with Fipronil – The Ultimate Termite Solution

ULTRATHOR Termiticide and Insecticide provides fast elimination of the termites attacking your property together with highly effective, long-term residual termite control.

ULTRATHOR is non-repellent to termites. This means that they are totally unaware of its presence in the soil around your home.

ULTRATHOR displays selective activity due, in part, to the fact that glutamate-mediated chloride channels are unique to invertebrates, like insects and termites. Also, fipronil binds more tightly to the GABA controlled chloride channel of insects than to that of mammals or birds. This increases the margin of safety for people, pets and other animals. Fipronil is also non-toxic to earthworms.

ULTRATHOR adsorbs tightly to soil, has low solubility in water, and a low vapour pressure; as do its environmental degradates. Low application rates, combined with the unique ULTRATHOR formulation also reduces the risk of run-off.

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