World’s Toughest & Most Humane Rodent Traps with Allergen-Free Monitor

Many food standards prohibit the use of anticoagulants for monitoring purposes. Most common baits are prone to mould formation in damp areas. NARA BLOCS and STICS solve these problems and GORILLA TRAPS, with CE certification, provide a unique humane control solution.

Key Features
Strongest mouse traps; Bait socket made especially for NARA® STIC. High quality springs delivering most humane capture of mice.

Most humane rat trap; Strongest springs available for humane kill of rats. Compliant with BANANA adapter for eMitter BEEP.

Bait – socket made especially for NARA® STIC.

Emitter Beep – Pest control often requires traps to be placed in difficult to reach rodent harbourages that are costly to inspect and the client needs instant notification of a rodent capture. One easy answer is the eMitter BEEP. A super simple but highly reliable and effective audio warning sounds when a rodent trap has potentially caught a rodent.

Traps fit most Stations – Place traps stand alone or in a RODENTHOR Station.

NARA STICS – are designed to fit into the GORILLA TRAPS. NARA STICS have from 3 months up to 12 months long lasting efficacy in a variety of different aromas. Professionals now rely upon NARA STIC, the most hygienic and long-lasting way to bait traps. No cleaning up afterwards and no fast decrease of efficient monitoring with up to 12 months of non-stop activity.

NARA BLOCS – monitor for rodent activity and determine the rodent species present. NARA BLOCS are the first allergen free non-toxic rodent monitor.

Allergen-management has become a major topic in many food production companies.

Food-based monitoring blocks have a critical disadvantage as they serve as food for rodents, helping them to survive and increase the risk of rising reproduction. Moreover, they are prone to mould formation in damp areas and are often infested by non-target organisms, e.g. flour beetles, cockroaches, ants and snails.

This simply makes it impossible to determine the rodent species present. With NARA BLOCS from Ensystex you can identify the species present according to visible bite marks on the BLOCS. In an idealised rodent management program, we should be minimising the use of toxic baits. Only after the determination of rodent activity should rodenticides be used. Thus NARA BLOCS should be your product of choice for rodent maintenance programs. NARA BLOCS come in a range of flavours and last up to 12-months

Performance: The safest most effective options for the food industry.

Pests Controlled: Rats & Mice
Product / Code:
NARA BLOC Choco-Nut Pack 20 (RDTF1009)
NARA BLOC Fish Pack 20 (RDTF1006)
NARA BLOC Meat Pack 20 (RDTF1007)
NARA BLOC Vanilla Pack 20 (RDTF1008)
NARA STIC Choco-Nut Pack 100 (RDTF1005)
NARA STIC Fish Pack 100 (RDTF1002)
NARA STIC Meat Pack 100 (RDTF1003)
NARA STIC Vanilla Pack 100 (RDTF1004)
eMitter BEEP (RDTF1013)


Attractive Spray – Monitoring for Rats & Mice

Spray NARA Spray onto yourstations and lay a trail towards themin order to improve your results.

Key Features
Supports non-toxic monitoring; By allowing you toleave a trail to lure rodents to traps and mask the smellof plastic stations.

Highly attractive: For all commensal rodents.

Beneficial monitor: Can be used to spray any stationto mask smells of plastic or human odours and makethe stations more attractive.

With handy holster and belt; So you can always haveit with you when doing rodent work.


Own chemical smell. If you hold a lighter to anything plasticit smells extremely toxic. This can be compared to whatrodents smell when entering a rodent station. Rodents senseof smell is many times better than humans.

NARA Spray seals away the plastic smell, making stationsattractive to rodents. The scent lasts around 2-3 monthsand needs to be renewed, but after repeated applicationit will slowly soak into stations. Renewing the scent everyfew months adds fresh attraction to stations luring in newgenerations of pests.

NARA Spray can also be used to spray a bait-line towardsstations, to lure rodents from the bushes or holes into thestation. The theory comes from hunting, where hunters draga dead rabbit to a trap to catch foxes. Scientific trials showedthat rodents are curious and follow the smell over largedistances, even up to 40 m, with their sensitive noses – likean irresistible cookie trail.

The spray is not only an aroma scent, but it also feeds themwith a nutritious vegetable oil, so they feel the desire formore. It consists of 100% vegetable rapeseed oil which issuper nutritious for rats and mice and has its own naturalscent that is refined with an added meat/beef aroma mixture.