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VECTOTHOR AIR 160 Air Purifier

The VECTOTHOR AIR160 Air Purifier employs the same three air disinfection technologies used to purify the air in hospital operating theatres; so it genuinely eliminates viruses, bacteria, moulds and other pollutants.

Many ‘air-purifiers’ make sweeping claims that are in fact cleverly worded to deceive. They claim to purify the air to 99.9%, but reading the fine print, they are just filter systems that take out the larger particles to this level. VECOTHOR AIR160 is different! It can actually deliver on its promise because it uses three different high-perfomance technologies:

  1. Filtration: A high-performance ventilator draws the air through a hospital-grade 3M High Air-Flow Electrostatic filter to attract, capture and retain pollutants in its antimicrobial channels;
  2. UV-C Light Disinfection: A 60 W Philips UV-C lamp secured in an aluminium Disinfection Chamber destroys the DNA (cellular structure) of viruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds and other micro-organisms.
  3. Air Ionization: The ionizer launches 8.5 million negative ions per cm3 into disinfected air to remove any remaining particles and provide pure air to improve the resistance of the human body, and even promote healing processes.

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