ESA_Blattathor Gel Cockroach Bait 120 g and 30 g 2023



Supersonic Cockroach Bait Gel for Ultra Fast Kill and Elimination of pest cockroaches, including nymphs.

With Cockroach Bait, speed is essential when you want to clean out a cockroach infestation. But your clients don’t want to see a mess in their kitchens and cupboards either. This is why ENSYSTEX has developed BLATTAHOR ULTRA with our unique Advanced Bait Technology™.

  • A clear coloured gel means no more dirty brown bait spots
  • Contains more than 10 feeding attractants, proteins and carbohydrates
  • Fuelled by fipronil at 0.5g/Kg Professional strength at an affordable price
  • Viral Feed Through Effect™ ensures rapid elimination

With BLATTATHOR ULTRA you can expect to see cockroaches quickly start to vanish, which means greater customer satisfaction – and fewer call-backs!

BLATTAHOR ULTRA with its Viral Feed Through Effect™ ensures supersonic knockdown of cockroaches. During tests against comparable gel cockroach baits BLATTATHOR ULTRA shot them down with lightening fast speed. For Routine/Maintenance Treatments Ensystex recommends the use of BLATTATHOR Gel Cockroach Bait with abamectin to protect against resistance. With its Multimode Activity BLATTATHOR Gel is a true Resistance Fighter, the perfect wingman for BLATTATHOR ULTRA.

For even greater cost savings use BLATTATHOR ULTRA with our ACCUTHOR™ Precision Metered Gel Gun .ACCUTHOR is crafted from polished stainless steel and ensures precise targeting and fast placement of all your gel baits.

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