EXOTHOR™ Insect Growth Regulator

ACTIVELY STOP TIME on Fly, Flea and Cockroach Development

EXOTHOR Insect Growth Regulator prevents adult emergence of house flies, fleas and cockroaches. It is presented as a water dispersible granule making it easier to use and more practical, especially for the control of fly larvae in breeding areas.

EXOTHOR inhibits the formation of N–acetylglucosamine, leading to reduced levels of chitin in the insect’s cuticle. Cuticular elasticity and firmness are directly affected. These imperfections in the cuticle are most evident at ecdysis (moulting) and lead to abortive moulting. Thus EXOTHOR causes the insect to die in the immature stage (nymphal or larval stage) since a new exoskeleton cannot be formed. In addition EXOTHOR stops normal embryonic development. Independent trials showed EXOTHOR was 100% effective in preventing insect development.

EXOTHOR is applied as a coarse spray to areas of infestation, focusing on cracks and crevices. It is an ideal accompaniment to applications of Ensystex adulticides which will provide a quick knockdown and kill of insect adults. EXOTHOR will provide long-lasting effects in the prevention of future adult emergence and break the breeding cycle.
For fly control the EXOTHOR dry granules are best applied directly to the surface of the manure or fly breeding media. The granules can be incorporated into the media if required, but this is not essential for good results. Alternatively it may be diluted with water and sprayed on the manure or breeding media.“

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