Constructed of heavy-duty, injection-moulded plastic the BLATTATHOR Insect Monitor has been designed for use both indoors or outside. The Monitor can be placed in any position, even on its side, or upside down in a cupboard.

Also included is our exclusively designed, high performance pheromone/food lure tablet. These are supplied in an easy to use blister pack to ensure freshness. They are simply placed on the glue board to attract cockroaches and other insect pests. Each lure will last at least 3 months.

The glue board will catch and retain nymphs and adults of all important cockroach pest species, including Periplaneta species. Angled entry ramps ensure insects enter first time. This re-usable Monitor can be used again and again, by simply replacing the removable glue board.

When cockroaches gather (aggregate), they release pheromones which attract even more cockroaches. These natural aggregation pheromones account for a complex cocktail of more than 150 chemicals. Mimicking this effect via commercial production is therefore almost impossible. Research shows that the cockroach faecal deposits are the main repository for these pheromones and they continue to be attractive for a year or more. Which is why, during routine services, that only the glue board is removed, leaving these very important aggregation pheromones to continue attracting cockroaches to the Monitor.

The BLATTATHOR Insect Monitor therefore gives you the dual action of a powerful lure combined with the additional attractiveness of natural pheromones.

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