MAGNATHOR MAGNETIC INSECTICIDE represents a generational step forward in insect management using a totally innovative concept to give improved results.

MAGNATHOR MAGNETIC INSECTICIDE is a dry, flowable bait/ powder.

For cockroaches and ants, it contains a desirable blend of food attractants that lure the foraging insects towards the MAGNATHOR Kill Zone™. As they approach the Kill Zone, the insects literally act like a magnet and draw the MAGNATHOR particles to their exoskeletons resulting in their death.

For termite management, MAGNATHOR is applied carefully into the termite workings where the magnetic attraction takes over. MAGNATHOR MAGNETIC is applied directly on to termites or into their active workings, bivouacs or colonies, just about anywhere termites exist and you need to get rid of them quickly, indoors or outside, anywhere.

MAGNATHOR employs the power of paramagnetism. The magnetic properties of the constituent powders of MAGNATHOR cause the powder to adhere to the insects’ exoskeletons when they approach it. The powder enters the insects’ bodies through the soft membranes in the exoskeleton. When compared with conventional treatments, MAGNATHOR’s magnetic properties deliver superior results in the two critical areas of adhesion and transferability resulting in accelerated kill, and colony elimination!

A key benefit of MAGNATHOR is that, since it is a dry flowable powder/ bait, it will travel deep into cracks, crevices and other harbourages. So, it will get to places you simply cannot reach with other baits.

It shows exceptional activity against cockroach nymphs which further accelerates your control programs against cockroaches.

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