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MAXXTHOR® 100 Water-based Insecticide & Termiticide

Multi-purpose – Approved for Use Indoors and Outdoors.

With our Termiticide and Insecticide solution, when a chemical soil barrier is the preferred method of termite management, a superior termiticide is required. And when you’re controlling termites with a soil applied chemical barrier, it makes sense to use the active ingredient that works the longest.

MAXXTHOR is a water-based insecticide that is further diluted with water prior to use. It also has a very high Log KoC value. This is a measure of how tightly it binds to the soil, and of course the bifenthrin MAXXTHOR binds more tightly to soil particles than any other termiticide. After the water evaporates, a potent, long-lasting termite barrier is left behind.

MAXXTHOR is odourless during application and it will not stain.

Once applied, the active molecules of MAXXTHOR become tightly bound to individual soil particles. Water running in or over soil containing MAXXTHOR will not cause it to move within the soil or become less concentrated.

The longer a termite barrier lasts the better. That’s obvious. What’s not so obvious is the considerable difference between how long some different termiticides remain effective after they’re applied. Even when properly applied, the active ingredients in some competing products begin to lose their effectiveness very quickly. A recent, independent study by Dr Martin Horwood of Forest Resources Research, New South Wales department of Primary industries showed that the active ingredient in MAXXTHOR was far superior to the so-called non-repellent termiticide actives.

In contrast, bifenthrin has been shown in some studies to still be hard at work after more than 10 years. That’s longer than any other active ingredient in use today.

MAXXTHOR excels at staying around. It remains at work even in adverse conditions long after some other insecticides have totally lost their effectiveness. Because MAXXTHOR is highly insoluble in water it won’t be moved or diluted even if it’s rained on or if the surface to which it has been applied is washed with water. A real plus in lots of situations.

MAXXTHOR resists breaking down even when it’s exposed to lots of sunlight. Unlike most other insecticides, MAXXTHOR is highly stable in alkaline conditions. This means when it’s applied to a wide range of surfaces at very low rates even when it’s subjected to difficult conditions.

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